Falling Out or Overdose?

If you have ever been involved with heroin you probably have witnessed an overdose or maybe even overdosed yourself; to others who haven't seen someone overdosing would probably find it to be a really scary situation.  To me, seeing someone overdose is somewhat normal or should I say it's like seeing an epileptic person have a … Continue reading Falling Out or Overdose?


Today is a Beach….

Today I am finding it hard to have any energy to get anything started much less completed. Finding the strength to even write about the lack of energy is tiring. These are the days that are the hardest, as an addict, to get through without having a thought of using just to feel better. I … Continue reading Today is a Beach….

Starting Over: What is a normal life?

What is a normal life? Being an addict it seems so difficult to return to a “normal life”. I think about my life before it became unmanageable; I had a great job, a nice house that felt like a home. I was a super mom, my kids were happy and had stability and security, I … Continue reading Starting Over: What is a normal life?